If you would like to show STEAL THIS FILM II at a festival, you can do so free and gratis, and we encourage it. We appreciate hearing about any screenings you may make and donations are readily accepted, but don't feel obligated in any way. However we sometimes get a bit frustrated by all these requests for mailing (!) tapes (!) and DVDs around the place, which is slow and cumbersome and expensive (not to mention carbon heavy). We would really prefer it if you use the HD version (it's 720p) provided, linked from the main page, downloadable with any Bittorrent client. If you need a higher quality version than this, let us know and we'll try to make you one.

The following screenings are recent or forthcoming:

KnowFuture Festival, Rome December 22 2007(delayed)
Pirate Cinema Copenhagen, Copenhagen January 13 2008
KHOJ International Artists' Association, New Delhi January 14 2008 18:30
The Rex Cinema, Soho W1V 7FE at 1930-2030, London January 18 2008

If you want more from the STF experience, the League of Noble Peers are occasionally available not only to introduce screenings, but to give keynotes, take part in panel discussions and give workshops. For various reasons we usually charge a fee for such appearances, but please let us know the nature of your event and we'll be in touch.