Donate via Bitcoin.

Last year, we asked for donations of $1 to help with the making of STEAL THIS FILM II and received thousands of donations from you. We didn't think about this carefully enough, partly because we never expected to get so many!

Of a dollar, something like $.30 goes directly to PayPal, so this year we're asking you to take that into account. Also the fact is, we're in Europe, and without wanting to be rude, the dollar is a little challenged around here. Put it this way: $5 would be very welcome, but as always any support is gratefully accepted.

We also noted that a lot of people really were very generous last time, giving more than $10 in many cases. So we'd like to say thanks to anyone donating more than $15 this time by offering a surprise gift. Pop your name and address in with your Paypal payment as a note and we'll send it to you. (The threshold would be $10, but the extra $5 covers postage and packing to wherever you might be.) You know that we'll never share your details with anyone (unless you've got a really funny name or you're the Pope or Bill Gates.)

Donate via Paypal.

There are other ways to support STEAL THIS FILM. You can host a screening in your area, distribute copies to your friends, invite us to your house for tea, or offer us your services. If you're in the media business, or just have tons of spare cash lying around and want to be involved in what we're doing, we're seeking co-production sponsors for our next project.